corruption goes to STANDARD ONE

An acquaintance, a junior primary school teacher, whose name I dare not reveal for the sake of confidentiality shared the following real life story with us. At the beginning of the year she customarily appointed a class Prefect for Standard One (1). Her choice for prefect was one of the smallest girls in the class who made up for her size in confidence and a powerful voice. To the best of the teachers’ knowledge the little girl turned out to be an effective and efficient class Prefect. During the 2nd term however several parents sought an audience with the class teacher. Their beef….a class Prefect had been demanding a 10/- bribe to overlook their indiscretions. The teacher proceeded to grill the little girl on the allegations which she promptly admitted and she has since been demoted. The teacher had to “eat humble pie” and apologize both to the parents and some students who had been on the prefects’ punishment list permanently ostensibly because they did not have 10/- to bribe.
This may appear like a simple perhaps misplaced story in Kenyan society. Viewed in a broader context however the corruption pandemic in Kenya has now entered Standard One (1) the bastion of our innocence. It is imperative that KACC tackles it at that level through civil education and the importance of good values before it takes firm root. Thus far KACC has concentrated on tackling corruption at the top…..meanwhile it has gone to the root.
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