I checked out

I checked out www.MumbaiVotes.com, www.praja.in, and www.projectCleanUp.org - while Mumbai Votes and Praja are working, Project Clean Up hosts only non-working mockups, but the presentation of data here is definitely the best. It is easy to understand and at the same time looks very beautiful. Also, the functionality & analytics shown in these mockups are a level above from all the other projects of similar nature. I hope Mr. Vivek Shangari is successful in developing this.

As David says in his post - it would be nice if all of you combined your project into one and share your data. It will make life much easier for the user if everything is under the same roof.

I wish you and Mr. Vivek Shangari and everyone else involved in such projects - all the best. Abhinav if you manage to get the contact information please pass it on. I too would like to contribute in any way I can.


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