Is there a better way to describe Participation?

Once again, the 'facilitation' - not to say solution - of solving a problem comes with the internet. And now the problem of politics, democracy and popular participation on public issues draws to an end.

This project presents a new useful tool to try to solve these problems: blogs. Citizens writing about the work of their own representatives. Is there a better way to describe the "Public Management Fiscalization"?

The article itself shows a true realistic face of brazilian culture and its people's look towards democracy and its meaning. In fact, brazilian citizens actually believe that taking part in a democracy is just voting every two or four years - and even then, many don't know what options they have and how to know if their choice is actually the right one.

Nevertheless, in the attempt of making democracy more democratic, the first step is to make this new tool more accessive. The need of more divulgation is a must, particularly through other means of mass communication, in times of elections or not, exactly for the purpose of creating this new "public fiscal habit" in citizens and to give "politician" its original meaning of people's representant.


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