How to build a response into a process?

So far #InternetNecesario has questioned my thinking more than any other about what type of projects we want to document here and what we want to learn from them. On the one hand, it clearly promotes very broad civic participation, increased transparency (much more published information about Mexico's telecom policy and how it compares to other countries), and government accountability (Congress responding to the arguments made by Twitter users and canceling the tax).

On the other hand, #InternetNecesario has also (so far) proved to be a temporary phenomenon that in no way builds systematic processes to continually promote transparency or to hold leaders accountable in the future. Had Alejandro Pisanty never published his Twitter message about the tax then perhaps the law would have passed without any scrutiny or protest. How can Mexicans ensure that won't happen in the future?

Is there a way to take the lessons learned and platforms created during #InternetNecesario and use them in a systematic way to hold Mexico's Congress accountable in all of their work, beyond just internet tax policy?


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