Review of Penang Watch

As visible from the Penang Watch website, the team has two objectives 1) to encourage the Penang City Council to be more efficient in dealing with complaints and 2) to encourage the citizens to be more proactive. For the second objective, we can seen the active stream of complaints posted by the citizens. Penang Watch is also doing a good job of documenting the meetings and encounters on the website.

The interview mentions 50% resolution rate of the complaints routed through Penang Watch but the Penang Watch website lists only the ones in the current year. It would be good to show an archive of successfully resolved projects.

Here are some recommendations

Reaching out to Penang bloggers and netizens
Penang has active blogging community. It might be a good idea to invite them to the forums. The netizens may only reach the people who are active online. But if they link to articles from Penang Watch and embedded videos from Penang Watch YouTube channel then it will help the project get more visibility. It might also be good to indicate that the media on Penang Watch site can be freely used by online publishers. Bloggers with technical knowledge may also be able to help out in providing online publishing, computer skills, video and photography training to volunteers. One such blogging community is at

Redesign the Complaints section of the website
With little technical help, the landing page for the complaints section can be changed to a map based view. This will help highlight the density of problem in different localities of Penang. It also offers the visitors more user friendly navigation.


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