A question of real possibilities

Dinero y Politica could be regarded as the beginning of multiple projects, all regarding public investments and suggestion from citizens. However, I wonder if the fact that some users are anonymous would play a role in the credibility of the information. The issue of money in politics tends to complicate easily. The site could also use some more context information regarding cases of money wrongly used in political campaigns and also examples of successful cases. History and news can be a powerful tool to not merely inform people of what is happening; but also to educate them to learn from past experiences. This way I believe the user of Money and Politics would be a lot more skilled to participate effectively. Vulgarization is an element of success. Nevertheless, mere information won't be a base for the changes this group is aiming for.

Also, since their contacts with 'old' media were successful, this should be a strength that should be used. An alliance to publish they data in special editions inside the papers, or more mention of the group and the information they share could cover the population still not too active on internet. The group is clear about the confidence they have in themselves and how they can be useful expanding the tools they work with. This same system seems to be the base of very useful analysis on other cases regarding money invested in politics. They can observe not only campaigns, but also projects already taking place, being another eye checking if the money has been invested as it was planned. Changing to an active observation of media in politics is a very interesting analysis, but this is certainly a point that changes dramatically the dynamics of observation, critique, people participation, and simple vulgarization. Money and politics is already a wide subject, difficult to handle and with great possibilities of expansion. Changing the plans to observe media might move the north elsewhere and prevent an interesting project to grow.


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