Shifting Categories

Hi Martin, I can definitely see the difference between government budgeting and political party budgeting from an institutional and analytical perspective, but from a technical perspective the approach of Dinero y Politica is exactly the same as government budget monitoring initiatives such as Our Budget. In fact, both projects use the exact same process: OCR text recognition, data input, and visualization using ManyEyes software. So I think that in terms of sharing technical skills across the network it probably makes sense to keep them categorized this way for now. But, as I just wrote in our concluding post, I have a feeling that categories on the network will continue to shift in the future:

One of the most difficult challenges throughout our research was simply developing a taxonomy to categorize and describe the projects we documented. We recognize that technology for transparency projects might choose to describe themselves and their objectives in language that differs from traditional anti-corruption organizations and the donors that fund them. We believe that categories on the website will always be dynamic and will shift as new projects come online and maturing projects evolve their objectives and strategies.


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