In lead of things to come

Great to read this post and to see this project and your work take shape.

I think this is only the first step in a much larger process whereby we 'unlock' information for the purpose of development. Increasingly data is being aggregated and stored in databases around the world. Like the millions of file cabinets that came before them. But it is only through the process of opening these information silos that we can appreciate what is inside. Its in drawing out trends and correlations that we can start to understand what is going on, the implications behind the numbers needed to take meaningful decisions based on grounded logic. Nowhere can this process have more impact and meaning than in a place like Kenya. I only wish there were organizations like yours in more places:)

Moving forward, finding creative ways to embed these tools seems key. To this extent building them is only half the battle. Finding meaning in their usage and application is what makes the difference. I look forward to following this space closely.


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