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This is an interesting project giving an open forum to alert on issues regarding elections which are crucial part of a democratic process. As far as the intentions of the project go its main purpose is to provide a channel to bring to the open what transpired during the elections so to a greater extent this has been met.However the veracity of the information cannot be seen as sacrosanct and it is laudable that distinction is being made between verified and unverified information.

The project though is working with a number of organizations to achieve its objectives, its not clear what contributions each of those bodies are bringing on board. It also seemed centered on elections and vote monitoring and do not show how post election focus for the project will be. I will suggest some elements of governance issues be incorporated to keep project vibrant after elections.

I think SMS Gateway is a significant dimension as more and more people are using mobile phones these days which will widen popular participation.

I think apart from organizations that the project is collaborating with they can also work with grass-root opinion leaders and organized community groups to have a wider perspective.

In all this is laudable as it succeeds in bring some information from and to the people.


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