Youth participation and the importance of other experiences

The long problem of corruption that has been part of the history of Latin American political history in general and Mexico's history in particular is not a situation that will go away in just some years. More communities like this one have to become active and connected, and also more information needs to be published and discussed by the participants. I believe that most of the work that has started with communities like « Cuidemos el voto » is to fight for a new way of thinking that can actually point out the practices that compromise transparency in public processes, such as in elections. Also, one of the biggest challenges ahead for this organization is to maintain the credibility that have gained so far and to make connections that bring new dimensions into citizen's participation.

The objective of making the youth participate in politics is a huge task. Even more after decades of no political change in the country's leadership. This will take not only a lot encouragement for the youth to participate by reporting and pointing out irregular situations, but also a lot of discussion and information so the votes and the citizen participation could be responsible, and also well informed.

One of the most interesting fact in this project is the connexion they made with Ushahidi. This is an example of how new media permits that communities that are geographically far from each other can collaborate . The fact that a Mexican community looking for transparency can find a solution in Kenia is a point that needs to be underlined as one of the advantages of making communities on line and getting connected to other groups around the world and solving problems on the basis of foreign experiences.


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