Useful Project

I spend some looking into the web. Indeed a database of this scale will help many organization in Cambodia. The map based interface is also intuitive and will help concerned parties find information easily. Their plan of building a mobile interface and doing a Khmer version would surely get Sithi in front of more people.

I would urge the Sithi team to make contact with the Khmer blogosphere. The very little time I have been there, I have been amazed by the Khmer bloggers energy, organization skills and some of them are working in web development and design fields. I am sure they can help Sithi to reach more people visa their blogs and also via social networks such as Facebook and twitter where they are very active. Sithi could demo the platform at the regular tech-gatherings that take place at organizations such as INSTEDD in Phnom Penh. This could attract volunteers willing to help out in the development or at the least point to easy to use and free technology tools.

I think the biggest challenge (as Ou Virak) mentions is getting other organizations to collaborate. Sithi developer could provide some way of attribution on the map, when let's say I hover over the case, it also shows me which organizations helped out in the documentation. Hopefully when other NGOs find that Sithi can help them gain exposure to their own work, they will be more willing to work together.


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