Centru Jornalista Investigativu Timor Leste

These listings are brief descriptions of projects we have not researched but that may be of interest to others in the technology for transparency field.

CJITL is a daily online publication in Timor-Leste that labels itself as “the Last Hope, when the court doesn't work.”

Its mission is investigative journalism, producing news, audio, video and photographs. Global Voices author Keta Haluha, briefly profiled CJITL:

“Written almost entirely in Tetun, an obscure language to those outside of Timor-Leste, and even to most foreigners inside Timor-Leste, CJITL is a daily online publication.  It compliments the groundbreaking work that weekly Tempo Semanal is doing.  Indeed, the CJITL see Tempo Semanal as something of an inspiration.

A little known fact about CJITL is that its webmaster is a Timorese working in the IT section of a major UN peackeeping mission in Africa - he learned his trade working for the UN in Dili.  Probably one of the UN's more successful acts of capacity building, even if by accident.”



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