These listings are brief descriptions of projects we have not researched but that may be of interest to others in the technology for transparency field.

Saatsaam, which means ‘clean’ in Khmer, is a virtual library storing various corruption related information via images, videos, audios, diagrams, and blogs.

It is a project of the Open Forum of Cambodia, representing the Coalition of Civil Society Organization Against Corruption (CoCSOAC).

The creation of Saatsaam is ultimately aiming at encouraging public participation to alleviate corruption and promote transparency by attempting:
1) to raise public awareness of the impact of corruption,
2) to offer an avenue where public can assess to information related to corruption in Cambodia,
3) to encourage public participation from government institutions, national and international NGOs, civil society, private sectors and other media network to provide and share corruption related information, and
4) to have an open platform for public discussion via electronic mailings.


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