Community Participation.

I had heard of what the guys at Map Kibera have been doing and it is good to finally seen a proper documentation of their work.
The good thing from what I see and read ;-) is the fact that they are involving the community in mapping the the various items, this in my view will give the project a sense of ownership, rather than having a totally external project which is often viewed as 'touristy', kudos on that.
I tend to think that involving the authorities ie City Council or Local Govt ministry would be very helpful to the project as a lot of data is usually sitting in these offices, another thing is collaboration with the local Community Based organizations CBOs and NGOs which have a local understanding of how stuff works in Kibera, (I am sure this has been done)
One thing I can say is totally revolutionary about the project is the fact that hirtheto a project on this scale and with this detail hasn't been in existence, I mean it simply did not exist, so to say that they are doing a great job would be putting it mildly.
One thing to put in mind though is that i think the project needs more local awareness, that is let anyone and everyone know of what the project is and intends to do, from there everything will just flow into place.


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