The Ultimate Goal

What I find intriguing is the attention been drawn to the community which is worthwhile. However…there is no clear indication about how activities (provide open-source data that will help illustrate the living conditions in Kibera.") under the project are driving changes. The objectives appear to be a means to a greater goal which is not well exposed.

From the background information about the project it stated that the Kibera community is an illegal settlement, and I would expect the project to throw some light on the aspirations of the people whether they want settlement legitimized or if they have any concerns at all about their status.

I have observed that since the project is relatively young most of their achievements seem to be expected in the future as presented by the respondents. What I find innovative about the project is the community involvement in building a reliable data that will form good basis for decision making at both the governmental and non-government levels. I think it will be worthwhile working with Town and Country Planning officials in Kenya.


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