idea for NGOs collaboration

One thing i impressed about Sithi is its function as a single web portal crowdsource and curate reports of human rights violations where it is hardly accessed from either the government or concerned NGOs.

If the collaborative effort is successful, it will be a great public source for research and advocacy for better human rights respect in Cambodia.

I have linked Sithi's team to the Cambodian blogosphere/barcamp which i hope some technical support or knowledge sharing can be achieved as advised by Preetam.

Concerning the effort for having all NGOs collaborated in this project, my suggestions:

1. Since many Cambodian NGOs have common donors, CCHR can approach donors to have a strategic fund where all NGOs will need to link/cooperate each other on the human rights report/violated cases.

2. Sithi need to be persistent in connecting with interested NGOs partners by showing the benefit of this web portal for their individual projects as well as the human rights advocacy as a whole. In addition, sithi need to show that the sources which will be published will be credited to their organization.

3. With the plan to official launch of this web portal in coming months, Sithi team can now approach other NGOs to have them join. In this period, I believe NGOs is more willing to cooperate as they expect for more public credit.


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