The Addition of Human Trafficking to the Violations Map

The map is fantastic.

The the Human Rights category, I think you should add Human Trafficking.

In the Subcategories, I would add:

- Forced prostitution, including bonded
- Forced labor, including bonded labor
- Child prostitution
- Child labor
- enslavement/kidnapping/hostage-taking (as in abducting people
for the purpose of trafficking)

If such categories and subsequent data were added, the map would get a
great deal of attention from abolitionists world-wide. Through them
it would also draw more attention to the other human rights violations
in Cambodia.

In the above list, I included the word "bonded" because bonded labor violates ILO standards and is considered slavery. Many do not understand that.

The issue of child prostitution is a multiple violation--kidnapping,
enslavement, rape, prostitution, and child endangerment.


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